#New York Rangers

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So proud of those boys they had such an amazing season. If someone would have told me they were going to have a season like this one i would have thought they were joking.

They have done so much like winning the Winter Classic, 109 points, Callahan being named captain, getting to watch them on 24/7, Eastern conference champs. So many more amazing moments I just don’t have time to name them all. 

Even though i’m crying my eyes out i couldn’t be prouder of those boys for what they have done this year. 

I am so proud to be a New York Ranger fan. Hell of a season boys!

NYR 2011-12 <3


i don’t want to say goodbye :( absolutely gutted 

this has been the best season i’ve ever seen… absolutely exceeded expectations. we’ll be back.

i just can’t believe it’s the end :(